Onion Rings – Hit or a Miss

Onion Rings are tricky things. Beer batter? Breading? We’ve been testing a Black and Tan Beer Batter Onion Ring serving to mixed results. Some people LOVE them. Others HATE them. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but in our restaurant we strive to please as many people as possible.

What are you looking for in an onion ring? I’ll be looking for a replacement and I’d love to know what you think.



Memories of the Valley

When I was a kid, a burger restaurant opened in town. Wonderful burgers, thick shakes, and great fries. What struck me at the time was that unlike the local brand fast food places like Arctic Circle, Jack in the Box, and Taco Time, this restaurant’s napkins had no graphics, their cups were plain white styrofoam, and the bags and deli wrap were also unadorned. It had a raw quality that at the time I didn’t realize was necessary for a start-up shop. It was simple, it was clean, and the food was fantastic.

When I created Line Drive Burgers, I didn’t copy Kidd Valley (which is now a chain and the burgers not quite so big, but it is still great), yet I enjoy the simplicity of unadorned frippery.

Having said that, we will be upgrading the look of the shop, adding a few more tables, and improving the “feel” of the restaurant, but even as we progress to phase two and beyond, our emphasis will always be on great food at a fair price.

For all of you who are enjoying our phase one stage; I pray you will someday have the precious memories of being in on the ground floor and “remembering when” as I have with Kidd Valley. ūüôā

Mea Culpa

I’d like to thank everyone who came to lunch Friday. We were, to put it mildly, overwhelmed. We pride ourself in the quality of our offerings and timeliness, but Friday showed we have a lot to learn. If your meal was less than expected or took too long, I apologize. It was a demanding lunch and we’re now better equipped to handle it. I look forward to seeing you again to show you improved service. Thank you!

What Make a Good Burger?

A great burger is less about cooking than it is about assembly. ¬†And choice. ¬†Your great burger isn’t necessarily my great burger, and it’s almost certainly not some prepackage burger with a fancy name.

Obviously, that’s why we let you pick each topping. ¬†Far be it from me to tell you what to like, but let’s examine a few considerations:

1. Flavor. ¬†100% fresh beef is a must. ¬†We’d love to cook your burger any way you’d like, but the health department demands fully cooked beef. ¬†So we’ve chosen a grade of beef that makes up for it with a heavenly¬†juiciness, and provide fresh toppings where appropriate, and pickled where it’s not.

2. Texture.  This tends to get lost other places.  Everything seems to have the same consistency between burger, bun, and toppings.  We avoid this with a more robust bun and toppings chosen as much for crunch as for taste, such as fresh green pepper and chopped lettuce instead of leaf.

3. Conflict! ¬†Competing tastes and textures bring life to a burger. ¬†You’ll find it in some of our specialty sauces. ¬†Aud’s Sauce is tangy with bite, while Rixx is sweet with prolonged bite. ¬†Perhaps some bleu cheese crumbles (a bit tart), with pineapple (quite sweet). ¬†Swiss cheese can change traditional toppings into a new sensation. ¬†Or perhaps bacon bits (smoky) with Buffalo Sauce (hot!). ¬†The possibilities are endless (almost literally!).

What makes a burger great for you?

You Will Probably Notice…

Our marketing emphasis is building up the dinner hour. ¬†We’re grateful that lunch is doing well (feel free to come more often!) and now we need to bolster the evening hours. ¬†Our coupons online, in circulars, and in the shop will be encouraging after 3:00PM visits.

And of course, we’re completely open to your comments and suggestions. ¬†We’ll be looking at the menu and culling slow moving items (so if you’re a fan of the chips, chili, and cheese, please speak up now!), and continue to tighten up processes; your input is invaluable. ¬†We welcome your insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what you’d like to see.

Thank you!


Aug 3, National Night Out for Crime Awareness

Line Drive Burgers took our show on the road by participating in several neighborhood’s Night Out festivities. With the generous help of Target and their grill, we gave away hot dogs and Fretato Chips to the revelers. We were deeply impressed by our Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Canine Units. Lake Mary has an amazing collection of selfless heroes. And a deep bow to the Mayor and commissioners who helped organize the events. It was great hearing the comments and well-wishers of those who have dined with us and those who are going to be dining with us.

Capping the evening with a good old-fashioned hot dog eating contest (won handily by Gabe with second-place finish to Rick our grill master), we’d like to thank all the neighborhoods and organizers!

Everyone who lives and works in Lake Mary is blessed.

Open Face, Seasoning On

I’ve had a few people ask why we serve the burger open-faced in their basket. ¬†Because ¬†we don’t season our beef (no need to since there are no fillers to mask), we give our customers the opportunity to shake their own seasoning on the burger. ¬†Want a Cajun burger? ¬†A Blackened burger? ¬†Seasonings aren’t just for the fries.

We’ve had one regular who loves pineapple with cinnamon-sugar (and at some point, we’ll offer a special on brown sugar and pineapple¬†caramelized¬†for burgers, brats and dogs… trust me, better than it sounds).

Mix it up!

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